Here is an FM alignment generator. The hardest part of tuner work is finding the test points and connecting all the cables up. Of course, you
have to be able to understand what you are seeing on your scope and meters too. Oh... you need a good dose of patience too.
If you are going to do any tuner work you have to have an alignment generator such as this. Also, This will not be any help for AM alignment. I
have another generator for AM work (Marconi 2018).
And you have to have an oscilloscope of at least 100Mhz. This is a fairly old model, but it is also one of the best scopes Tektronix ever made
(from the 70's). This is the military version of the 465. This one is a really nice example and I LIKE IT!!! Some advice... When you go to buy a
used scope, buy one from someone who knows how to run a scope and knows how to test it. A lot of scopes on Ebay have issues even when
they are photographed working. I went though 5 purchases before I found a solid working unit. All the sellers guaranteed that they were in  
good working order, but I
had to go though the
hassle of contacting the
seller and sending each
unit back. Each time I was
out shipping cost.

Several had bad screens
and the trace faded to
nothing as the time base
was reduced (faster
sweep).  One would not
sync. One had a bad

So... pick your seller
carefully. There are
several ebay sources that
specialize in rebuilding
scopes. Spend the extra
money to get a good one
from someone that knows
what they are doing.
Good light and good magnifiers... it makes all the difference. I have one on each end of my bench.
I also have a pre-amp (Nikko betta 40), a sony DVD player, and a turner (Nikko gamma V), for those times
when I need an outside audio source
A drill press and a lathe. These are not something most will use. But I often
craft component that are missing or have been broken. Nice to have in a
pinch. I love these tools.
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This is a distortion analyzer
and signal generator. It is
great for producing test
signal and evaluating
signal distortion.