Realistic STA-2100
This unit was dirty and showed a lot of signs of ware. It
looked absolutely terrible and many folks would have
scraped this unit for parts or consigned it the junk yard.

I picked this unit up from an auction. I figured it would be
good for parts if nothing else. After I got it home and
took a close look I figured it was worth fixing. Indeed, it
turned out very nice.  

Issues galore:
1. The cover was scared and faded
2. The Bezel around the dial had plating chipped off
3. The dial glass (plastic) was hazy.
4. The power switch was broken (double switch, a
    common failure in these units)
5. Lots of grime, marker ink, and dust.
7. Switches so oxidized that they
hardly worked
8. Most lamps burned out

Up Side:
1. No rust (well... 9
9% rust free)
2. Under all the grime was a clean unit
3. 100% complete and original (no subs or missing parts)
4. Worked {after cleaning switches)
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