So here is the unit before any work. It is typical of third generation units where cost cutting began to creep into manufacturing. Notice the wires routed
everywhere. This would never have been seen in earlier generation units. This was a cost cutting measure amid at speeding-up and streamlining assembly. The
production techniques were the first to feel the pressures of cost cutting. Thankfully, the quality of design was generally still present. It was faster to route wires
point to point from the top than to run them in the frame channels underneath, which required a lot of handling of the unit and added significant time for
feeding/routing wires. Fewer people could be used and still maintain production volume. Earlier models will be nearly wire-free on the top side. Workmanship...
one of the first casualties of the consumer age.    
One of the goals of this rebuild was to do a proper
wiring job. In the images of the completed unit, you
will see the extent of this work and the difference it
makes in the appearance of the unit.
We begin by stripping the unit down. Here, the output
section and the power supply have been pulled. Also,
the face has been removed.

Every board will get new capacitors, cleaned, and
given a detailed inspection.  
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