The impact to the selector knob caused a crack in the PCB where the selector switch was mounted. The switch itself was unharmed and the board is repairable. A higher
level of diligence is needed in this repair because the selector switch will cause the board to flex slightly. Soldering over the traces alone is not sufficient, as there is a
potential that the flexing PCB will cause the relatively soft solder to fatigue and crack. Cleaning back the conformal coating and laying a layer of solder would have been a
clean and smiple here., but because of the mechanical nature of the switch and the torque it will apply to the PCB, a more robust fix is needed.  
The board was not cracked clear through. It still had a
reasonable amount of integrity, but I added epoxy a long
the crack for some added insurance.

The conformal coating was cleaned off along each cracked
trace and solder was laid over the top... I know this repair
looks sloppy, but There is a reason for that. Under each
solder joint is a small piece of 26ga wire. This reinforces
the joint and adds stiffness to the repaired traces. It make
the joint look bulky, but I deemed it necessary to create a
robust and trouble-free repair. Conformal coating was
applied over the repaired joints.

This is a solid fix. I monkey could jump up and down on this
PCB, and it may crack else where, but these repaired joints
will hold.

Keep in mind that these pictures make this look worse
than it really is, as the pictures are enlarged to show the
details. In reality, this is a very small area of about 1.5".
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