I bought this from a man who contacted me through my website. He said he had this unit sitting in storage and had not used it in many years, and that it was in pristine condition. He
sent me some photos and it did indeed, seem to be in excellent shape.

I offered him a fair price and even offered extra $$$ to cover packing material. I explained that it would not be treated well by the shippers and that it would need extra care and
material to make here it safe. He insisted that he knew how to pack and that it would arrive be safe (I would be rich if I had a buck for every time I heard that).

Well, it arrive and it was damaged. The unit was well wrapped with bubble wrap but it was placed into a small (single walled) box that just did not enough buffer space. Any impact
was going to be transferred directly to the unit. I suspect it was dropped from the truck to the ground... directly on to the face of the unit.   
It took the hit directly on the selector switch. I pristine unit no

I was upset, but there was just nothing I could do at this point. I
was clear with the seller as to what was needed, and how the
unit would be treated in transit... but some folks just don't want
to believe that it could be that bad. When I say that it will get
tossed and thrown... mean exactly that. If, after packing, you
don't feel confident in throwing the box across your garage, You
have not packed it well enough.

Well, the damage cold have been worse. The dent in the face
was gentle, and presented no dings or creases. I was confident
that it could be straightened. The selector board was another
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Marantz 2252b