I usually wash the face last, just prior to placing it
back on the unit. However, with all the dirt I wanted
to see what I was dealing with, so I gave the face a
cleaning first thing just to see if any new blemishes
popped out.

There were two noticeable marks. One near the lower
left bolt hole. Careless removal by prior tech made
this mark!!!

A light scratch near the volume control.
A very... VERY faint scratch in the upper left near the
"2252" lettering. I could never get this to show up in a
photo. It is almost unnoticeable... not visible unless
you are conducting an up-close and detailed
examination in good light. This one is nearly invisible...
but, it is there.

Well... it is not perfect, but all in all, it will make a
presentable unit, so I decided to press on with the
project. After the unit was completed I found the
marks were very subtle and went mostly unnoticed.
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