Marantz 2252
This unit came to me through a local auction. I had no idea if it worked or not. It looked terrible and had some obvious issues. I decided I
would bid as if it were a parts box, and not go toe-to-toe with anyone for it. About 75 people were attending the auction and when this item
came up, I put up the first $5 bid. He called for $10, “Once”… “twice”… “sold for $5”. No one else bid!!! You have some good days and you
have some bad. This was a good day.

I brought it home and sat it up on the shelf where it sat for a couple of months. I figured I would strip it out for parts at some point. When I
finally got around to checking it out, I pulled the outputs transistors and tested each... no problem here.

I powered it up without the transistors and checked some voltages on the output boards, AM and FM board, etc... hummmm,  no problems
here either.

I stuck the transistors back in and started it up… “Click”, and then nice music. Wow, seemed completely functional. So now I had a project.
I now examined the unit with an eye towards restoration. Working... true, but some of the issues were going to be time consuming to fix, and
the cosmetics were still in question. Once you start cleaning, a lot of small blemishes can start to show up.  

The big issue were:
  • a broken selector shaft which would need some creative work on the lathe to make a new one
  • a missing selector knob (I had some extras on hand)
  • dirt
  • power switch - a toggle switch had been installed in place of the original push button
  • missing power switch cap (I had extra of these too)
  • dirt
  • burned out lights
  • and… did I say dirt?

Lots an lots of grime. You  can see where I took a damp cloth to the bottom section of the face plate in the photos. You can see the yellow
buildup. This is most likely from cigarette smoke. But rest assured… every inch of this unit is getting a thorough scrubbing.   
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