Both channels had the same work done on them. The original board (below) was non-functional. Lots of blown components.
The prior tech made repairs without removing the board from the heat sink. New components were soldered to the leads of the old component (note the
"Messy" installation note in the photo).
Also, the output transistors were blown.
Here is the photo of the completed board. Yes, this board needed rebuilt twice because of the counterfeit output transistor. But at last... the board is back to
Note the solid capacitors (tan with black strip). These are not tantalums, but a new technology. No drying so life span is as good as any other device. I alway
wanted to try these and I am please to tell you that they sound quite good.   
Here is a photo of some of the replacement parts that were used in the restoration. Brand new emitters, Sil pads (for the TO-3 transistors),
Sprague caps,  new carbon resistors, solid caps (the tan colored one the black band)...