The next item was the power
supply. I pulled it up and laid it on
top of the amp, Using a heavy piece
of cardboard to insulate/isolate the
board. It was quite easy to repair
from this position and the unit was
able to be powered and off as
needed A series of voltage checks
quickly identified the bad
components. Several resistor were
bad and caused the unit to stay in
protection mode.
   Here is the finished board with
new caps, new resistors, cleaned
trim-pots (open air type made them
candidates for DeOxit treatment),
and new heat-sync compound.

Once repaired, the relay "clicked"
closed and the unit came out of
protection. I hooked up a turner an it
played music from some of my
favorite station without a problem.  
The next step was to strip the amp sections
and transformer from the unit, and cleanup the
chassis, relay, and protection board.

A complete set of new caps were installed, the
relay contact were polished, and the holes in
the cover will filled with epoxy and sanded
smooth. The cover was polished to restore its
clear transparency.

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