Marantz 1250
This unit was a non-working piece
that I picked up at storage unit sale
back in 2010 for 25 bucks. It sat in the
shop packed away in a box until last
year. It was a clean unit other than the
dirt, the broken push switches, and of
course that little problem that kept th
unit in protection mode. That issue
turned out to be a power supply
problem and not related to the relay
circuit directly.

I decided to work on this unit from the
front back. After diagnosing the
problem that was keeping it in
protection, I stripped the front-end  
and started the restoration work.
Some items that needed special
attention was the large double
capacitor can, which are just not
found today in useful sizes for audio.

There was also signs that someone
has attempted to "fix" the relay (which
was not really the problem at all).
Notice the holes melted into the relay
housing. This was no doubt for
forcing the relay closed. A very bad
Idea and an amateurish technique.

In a world that is now digital, lighting
is now all LED. The little 8v lamps
(used here as a power "on" indicator)
are getting hard to find in the correct
wattage size.

Last, the broken switches would have
to be replaced. There is no repairing
these shafts in any lasting way. You
either replace the complete switch or  
replace the shaft from a donor switch
(if you're brave enough to take one of
these apart).  
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