Marantz 1070
I did not document the restoration of this amp. It was all very straight forward. I post these pages for your perusal.

The amp was in working order when I received it, but it had a hand-full of small issues.

1. Power indicator lamp was out
2. Switches were very dirty
3. There was a lot of dust that had collected inside this unit. This is very typical for a unit of this age.
4. One of the large supply caps had leaked a little

It cleaned up nicely... nearly spotless. There are some very fine marks on the cover, but otherwise is extremely clean.
Here, you can see the new trimmers (blue square components) installed on the amp board. The relay was removed,
contacts polished, and reinstalled. New capacitors were installed throughout the unit. The face was disassembled, pots
cleaned, and a new power indicator lamp installed.
Brand new supply caps were installed. These had screw
terminals instead of the solder posts. All the boards were
removed and cleaned (flus and dirt removed). The output
section was disassembled, scrubbed, and reassembled with
new Sil-pads. I prefer the Sil-pads because the are so much
easier and neater than heat-sync compound. That greasy
compound is messy to apply, and you always have some amount
of clean up.  Bias and DC offset were adjusted and it was test
on the scope for channel uniformity (balance) and peak-to-peak
This unit was an entry level mid-rage unit designed to with few bells-n-whistles, but it offered respectable power (35wpc) and the sound is very nice. I
listened to this unit for several months in my office and enjoyed very much.   
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