Kenwood KR-7600
This unit was in good working
order  and cosmetics were very
nice. I bought this at a Yard Sale
several years ago.

This unit is one from the late 70's
and production processes had
changed to allow faster
manufacturing by fewer workers
(cost cutting). Note the wires
running over the top of the frame.  
In prior generations of gear, all the
wire would have been run under
the chassis. Luckily, the design
and quality of the units were still
quite good, and were not impacted
by cost cutting until the 80's

The unit here is partially stripped,
with the amp section removed.

Some service work has bee
completed here
. Note the Power
Supply (A) board. Cleaned and new
caps installed.
The front-end is seen here,
disassembled for service work,
including new caps, lamps, and

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