Taking the right and left channels apart is where things get real interesting. First, I re-assembled the front end as I needed to lay this flat. All
the switches and PCB hanging off the front of this made moving this around awkward. The Heat sinks are anchored to the front and rear
sub-panels. The front end is designed to pivot down as a unit, supported with a single screw on each end. Once I had the front end back
together, I set the unit on the edge of the bench and let the front end sections pivot down and hang off the front of the bench while I
removed the screws anchoring the front of the heat sinks, I then pivoted the front end section back up into place and secured it with
screws. Then, the unit is turned 180 degrees so the back end can be disassembled. Once disassembled, the screws that hold the back of the
heat sinks can be removed. Now the heat sinks are free and the channels can be disassembled for work
Here is the  board prior to any
work. The board is clean. Only a
little dust. Nothing unusual was
The PCB is cleaned up, front and
back (see below).

New transistor replace all the
"cans" (bias and drivers). 2SA810's
are replace with KSA1381's and
2SC1452's are replaced with

Nichicon audio caps are used to
replace the old ones. New Bourns
trimmers are installed.