The Kenwood 600 is a difficult amplifier to work on. It goes together
and comes apart in very specific order,  and you cannot easily pick
and choose the section you want to work on.

This was the first Kenwood 600 I had worked on and if I do another
one, I will go about it a bit differently. First, if a full strip down is
planned, the first thing I would do is pull the transformers. I did not
do this until later in the project and once I had them out, I realized it
would have made life a lot easier had I done this earlier.

Here, the front-end is disassembled, the unit is set on its side and
covered to protect it from over spray and splatter from the solutions
used to service and clean the boards and switches.  

Note the access holes drilled in the sealed volume pot (right) and
push button switches (below) for the application of contact cleaner.
I have used this technique for many years with success. I have read
the debates on many forums on this. I have never had an issue
doing this and I am going stick with what I know works.

After servicing the switches and pots, a new power indicator lamp is
installed and all the caps are replaced with high quality audio caps.

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