This unit was in good working and cosmetic
condition. However, it sounded flat and
lifeless. I was not impressed with the audio
quality and I stuck the unit on the shelf where
it sat for over a year. At the prodding of a
customer, who desperately wanted this unit, I
finally got around to restoring it.

During work, it became apparent that
someone else had been into this unit (I really
hope it did not come from the factory this
way). Little thought was given to the routing
or neatness of the wiring, and the soldering
technique was poor. Most of the wire was no
longer "wrapped" around the post, but rather,
had a "glob" of solder applied to hold the wire
on... I do mean "glob". It seems the guy was
afraid the wire would fall off if not held by a
mountain of solder.

Another interesting note, I found the main
supply cap for the right and left side were of
different sizes. Same diameter, but one was
shorter. I am not sure if this was a "factory"
thing, or if the prior tech replaced one set. It
was clear, that the caps had been removed
and replaced at one time (more on that later)

I am glad to report that the unit responded
very well to the rebuild. It really came alive
and the sound quality was top notch. Had I not
committed this unit to a customer, I would
have kept it.